ScrubTrak Dispensing and Return Units

ScrubTrak offers a more comprehensive and flexible solution than other scrub dispensing solution on the market. ScrubTrak allows users to quickly access the system by either inputting a unique pin code or through scanning organization issued barcodes or prox cards. Both ScrubTrak’s dispensing and return units offer cellular modem options for connectivity in the event an Ethernet port is not located in the desired placement location. All ScrubTrak units meet OSHA requirements to be placed in hallways. ScrubTrak standalone machines can accommodate up to two satellite units allowing for organizations with significant scrub volume to serve their staff effectively. ScrubTrak units are light gray in color providing a clean, fresh look and are finished with durable powder coat paint. For large, custom orders and at an additional cost, ScrubTrak machines can be custom graphic wrapped in order to match customer location’s décor.

ScrubTrak Prevents:

  • Scrub shortages for personnel
  • Time spent by staff searching through ransacked unorganized carts for correct sizes
  • Time spent picking up soiled scrubs littered on changing room floors
  • Hoarded inventory of scrubs resulting in increased frequency of “out of stock” occurrences
  • Use of scrubs by unauthorized users resulting in higher laundry costs
  • Scrubs ‘walking out the door’ resulting in unnecessary loss and replacement costs
Manufactured in America (May include U.S. and imported components), ScrubTrak boasts quality steel constructed and a reliable patented design. For increased security and surveillance, ScrubTrak is capable of providing a video record of each transaction as an optional feature. ScrubTrak (i.e. main dispensing unit with controller, satellite dispensing unit, and return unit) has a small footprint – 78” high x 121 1/8” wide x 22 7/8” deep – relative to its scrub dispensing capacity of 256 scrubs.ScrubTrak units are CE marked and UL certified.

Machine Specifications


Receives up to 100 scrub sets between unloads

Tilt out panels for easy cleaning

Custom colors available to match the location decor

Small footprint fits practically anywhere (78” x 79 7/8” x 22 7/8”)

OSHA Compliant

All steel construction with secure deposit technology


ScrubTrak Dispensing Unit

Unlike other scrub dispensing solutions, ScrubTrak provides the option of choosing the size of an item. For example, an individual may choose a medium-sized top and large-sized bottom. In addition to individual size selections, ScrubTrak allows users to select predetermined size sets for quick retrieval that are established for unique users in the system. ScrubTrak’s unique design allows for up to eight (8) different SKU selections per unit and 16 items per selection. The ScrubTrak dispensing unit with controller has a capacity of 128 scrubs per dispenser along with a secure cabinet above the return unit to store additional items to provide an additional dispensing capacity of 128 items. Once the items pass through ScrubTrak’s guaranteed vend sensor, the machine confirms the transaction as complete and updates the web-based system in real-time accordingly. The ScrubTrak main dispensing unit with controller and satellite dispensing unit together have footprint of 78” high x 79 7/8” wide x 22 7/8” deep. There is room in the return to store additional scrubs for easy loading.


ScrubTrak Return Unit

The ScrubTrak return unit features two (2) return slots for the return of up to three items such as scrub tops, scrub bottoms, or coats per session. The standalone return unit allows for greater flexibility in the location of each unit. The speed and ease of interaction with the machines provides hospital staff with a simple, fast and effective way to receive clean, germ-free scrubs and return used scrubs. The return unit has a return capacity of up to 200 items between unloads.