Loading Scrubs

  1. Unlock the unit with the key and pull out one of the four racks.
  2. Reset all of the trays in the rack by lifting up the bottom tray to the top tray until each tray clicks into place.
  3. Load the items into the trays by placing one item in each tray and push the rack back into place. Repeat the process for the remaining three racks.
  4. When finished, close the doors, which will automatically lock upon closure.
  5. Select “Confirm Restock to Full” on the touch screen which will communicate to the software that the dispensing unit is fully stocked.
Loading the ScrubTrak dispensing unit is as simple as stacking the items to be dispensed.

For convenience, there is a secure cabinet above the return unit to store additional items or cleaning supplies.

Secure Storage Cabinet

The ScrubTrak return unit features a secure cabinet to store additional scrubs or cleaning supplies.

Rapid Return

With only three steps, up to three soiled scrubs may be returned per session in a matter of seconds.

Manufactured in the U.S.A.

ScrubTrak is manufactured in the U.S.A. at IDS’ production facility in Des Moines, IA. ScrubTrak is constructed of quality steel and utilizes a reliable patented design.

High Capacity for High Volume Locations

ScrubTrak’s dispensing unit can accommodate up to two satellite units each with a capacity of 256 scrubs for locations with high volume. Each ScrubTrak return unit can receive up to 100 scrub sets between unloads.

Low Maintenance

Loading the ScrubTrak dispensing and satellite units is as simple as stacking the items to be dispensed.

iQ Technology

iQ Technology’s cloud-based operating system provides administrators with real-time inventory control management data and reporting capabilities.

Flexible and Rapid Dispensing

With 3 easy steps, ScrubTrak dispenses laundered scrubs within seconds. ScrubTrak allows users to mix and match sizes dispensing user-selected predetermined scrub sets as well as individual items.

ADA Compliant

All ScrubTrak units are ADA Compliant and meet OSHA requirements to be placed in hallways. In addition, ScrubTrak units are CE marked and UL certified.

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Easy To Use

Easy to Use ScrubTrak Vending

No learning curve.

ScrubTrak can be set up to use the same access system your personnel are already using in your institution, whether that is a pin pad, barcode, prox reader or mag stripe reader.

Rapid dispensing. Rapid return.

Anyone who knows how to use a vending machine can use ScrubTrak. Doctors, nurses and techs simply use their access device at the vending machine, and a correctly sized pair of scrubs is dispensed.

No more mess. No more waiting.

Machines placed strategically around the hospital make it convenient for hospital staff to receive and return scrubs wherever their duties take them. More locations means less waiting, and closed-door return bins eliminate clutter.

Patented design.

ScrubTrak machines are a patented all steel construction and are durable enough to withstand strenuous daily use. Front panels are removable for easy cleaning.