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The ScrubTrak equipment is incredibly versatile, entirely unique and very reasonably priced. You don’t even need capital budget funds because we offer commercial and municipal leasing. For creative solutions to make everyone’s job a lot easier and offer some “breathing room” when it comes to accountability contact us today.

Secure Storage Cabinet

The ScrubTrak return unit features a secure cabinet to store additional scrubs or cleaning supplies.

Rapid Return

With only three steps, up to three soiled scrubs may be returned per session in a matter of seconds.

Manufactured in the U.S.A.

ScrubTrak is manufactured in the U.S.A. at IDS’ production facility in Des Moines, IA. ScrubTrak is constructed of quality steel and utilizes a reliable patented design.

High Capacity for High Volume Locations

ScrubTrak’s dispensing unit can accommodate up to two satellite units each with a capacity of 256 scrubs for locations with high volume. Each ScrubTrak return unit can receive up to 100 scrub sets between unloads.

Low Maintenance

Loading the ScrubTrak dispensing and satellite units is as simple as stacking the items to be dispensed.

iQ Technology

iQ Technology’s cloud-based operating system provides administrators with real-time inventory control management data and reporting capabilities.

Flexible and Rapid Dispensing

With 3 easy steps, ScrubTrak dispenses laundered scrubs within seconds. ScrubTrak allows users to mix and match sizes dispensing user-selected predetermined scrub sets as well as individual items.

ADA Compliant

All ScrubTrak units are ADA Compliant and meet OSHA requirements to be placed in hallways. In addition, ScrubTrak units are CE marked and UL certified.

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