Benefits of Using ScrubTrak

Inventory Management and Control

Inventory Control.

By utilizing a scrub dispensing machine, such as ScrubTrak, you will have full control over the management of your scrub inventory. ScrubTrak saves healthcare organizations money by reducing shrinkage and laundering costs. Our cloud-based tracking and reporting system prevents unauthorized users from gaining access to scrubs and ensures that authorized users return the scrubs they receive, which not only drastically decreases shrinkage but also reduces laundering costs. In fact, after implementing ScrubTrak into their organizations, customers may experience an average reduction on annual purchases of about 90% and an average reduction in laundering costs of approximately 35%.

Real-time data.

The Cloud Based operating system connects ScrubTrak machines to a central hub no matter how many you have in your facility, or how many facilities you manage. When personnel dispense or return scrubs, the system is instantly updated, and each dispensing machine has guaranteed delivery verification sensors. An optional camera can even provide a video record of each deposit to guarantee returns are conducted properly.

When scrubs in a machine reach a pre-determined level, alerts can be sent via email or to your mobile device. Alerts can also be sent to warn of loss of power or a disruption to the internet connection. (Loss of internet connection will not affect the ability of ScrubTrak to dispense or receive scrubs. Data will be stored and synced with the computer system when a connection is restored.) Usage reports, re-stock lists, inventory position and many other management reports can be generated and printed online. Or, if you prefer, you can export any report to your desktop for manipulation or importing into your billing/tracking software.

Productivity and Convenience

No learning curve.

ScrubTrak can be set up to use the same access system your personnel are already using in your institution, whether that is a pin pad, barcode, prox reader or mag stripe reader.

Rapid dispensing. Rapid return.

Anyone who knows how to use a vending machine can use ScrubTrak. Doctors, nurses and techs simply use their access device at the vending machine, and a correctly sized pair of scrubs is dispensed.

No more mess. No more waiting.

Machines placed strategically around the hospital make it convenient for hospital staff to receive and return scrubs wherever their duties take them. More locations means less waiting, and closed-door return bins eliminate clutter.

Patented design.

ScrubTrak machines are a patented all steel construction and are durable enough to withstand strenuous daily use. Front panels are removable for easy cleaning.


ScrubTrak units can be located at multiple locations throughout your organization, rather than at one central location allowing employees to quickly and conveniently receive and return scrubs at various strategically determined locations. In many organizations, employees spend valuable time searching through messy carts for the scrub sizes they need each day. This ‘open cart’ system results in numerous inefficiencies that consume valuable time and cause frustration resulting in lower workforce productivity and decreased morale. ScrubTrak allows users to mix and match sizes by selecting tops and bottoms individually. ScrubTrak’s guaranteed vend sensor ensures that an item is successfully dispensed or returned during each transaction.

Compliance and Infection Prevention

Contaminated linen, including scrubs and coats, have been identified as a source of large numbers of pathogenic microorganisms. ScrubTrak helps control this risk in healthcare organizations by providing return units in key locations throughout the campus. Having multiple return unit locations ensures that employees do not have to travel far distances in contaminated uniforms.

Hospital grade laundering services provides a thorough, cleaning process that cannot be replicated in home washing machines and ensures scrubs are rid of infectious germs. Through automating the process for receiving and returning scrubs, ScrubTrak assists hospitals in complying with AORN’s recommendation for surgical attire to be laundered by a healthcare laundry facility to avoid the spread of infectious bacteria on scrubs of medical personnel who have patient interaction. By offering dispensing and return units for scrubs, and monitoring compliance through our real-time software system, hospital administrators can confidently comply with AORN. In addition, ScrubTrak’s return units allow for convenient and safe scrub pick-up by laundering staff.