Intelligent Dispensing Solutions Clients:
  • Aurora Health Care
  • Baylor Health Care System
  • Grand View Hospital
  • Marymount Hospital
  • Northfield Hospital & Clinics
  • Sentara Healthcare
  • St. Lukes University Health Network
  • Summa Health System
  • University Health System
  • University of Utah Health Care
  • Westside Surgical Hospital

ScrubTrak Products

ScrubTrak, a breakthrough in scrub dispensing technology, assists medical facilities manage their scrub supply more efficiently by reducing shrinkage and increasing the bottom line.


ScrubTrak Dispensing Unit

Unlike other scrub dispensing solutions, ScrubTrak provides the option of choosing the size of an item. For example, an individual may choose a medium-sized top and large-sized bottom. In addition to individual size selections, ScrubTrak allows users to select predetermined size sets for quick retrieval that are established for unique users in the system. ScrubTrak’s unique design allows for up to eight (8) different SKU selections per unit and 16 items per selection. Learn More >

ScrubTrak Return Unit

The ScrubTrak return unit features two (2) return slots for the return of up to two items such as scrub tops, scrub bottoms, or coats per session. The standalone return unit allows for greater flexibility in the location of each unit. The speed and ease of interaction with the machines provides hospital staff with a simple, fast and effective way to receive clean, germ-free scrubs and return used scrubs. The return unit has a return capacity of up to 200 items between unloads. Learn More >

ScrubTrak Software

Web-based central controls allow access by personnel from multiple locations for both redemption and return. ScrubTrak offers the flexibility to program the software to interface with any barcode/prox reader/pin pad /mag stripe reader already in use by client organizations. ScrubTrak’s cloud based inventory and tracking system, grants viewing and reporting capabilities to authorized users. ScrubTrak provides users with a dashboard on the homepage to simplify things. Learn More >

Why ScrubTrak

ScrubTrak provides healthcare organizations with the ability to reduce inventory shrinkage and increase employee productivity through managing their scrub supply more effectively and efficiently. ScrubTrak ensures healthcare employees including doctors, nurses and technicians always have clean, well-fitting scrubs and coats conveniently available to them. ScrubTrak significantly reduces scrub hoarding, shortages, and unauthorized use. Our customers realize greater inventory control, convenience, and infection prevention through utilizing ScrubTrak.
ScrubTrak Benefits >

Secure Storage Cabinet

The ScrubTrak return unit features a secure cabinet to store additional scrubs or cleaning supplies.

Rapid Return

With only three steps, up to three soiled scrubs may be returned per session in a matter of seconds.

Manufactured in the U.S.A.

ScrubTrak is manufactured in the U.S.A. at IDS’ production facility in Des Moines, IA. ScrubTrak is constructed of quality steel and utilizes a reliable patented design.

High Capacity for High Volume Locations

ScrubTrak’s dispensing unit can accommodate up to two satellite units each with a capacity of 256 scrubs for locations with high volume. Each ScrubTrak return unit can receive up to 100 scrub sets between unloads.

Low Maintenance

Loading the ScrubTrak dispensing and satellite units is as simple as stacking the items to be dispensed.

iQ Technology

iQ Technology’s cloud-based operating system provides administrators with real-time inventory control management data and reporting capabilities.

Flexible and Rapid Dispensing

With 3 easy steps, ScrubTrak dispenses laundered scrubs within seconds. ScrubTrak allows users to mix and match sizes dispensing user-selected predetermined scrub sets as well as individual items.

ADA Compliant

All ScrubTrak units are ADA Compliant and meet OSHA requirements to be placed in hallways. In addition, ScrubTrak units are CE marked and UL certified.

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How to Use ScrubTrak


Loading the Machine

Loading the ScrubTrak machine is as simple as stacking scrubs. Simply unlock the machine, load your scrubs into the preset cubbies and close the door. The machine will update the inventory automatically. Learn More >

Dispensing Scrubs

To retrieve scrubs from the machine, simply enter your ID number and follow the prompts on the touchpad. The machine will dispense the laundered scrubs within seconds. The database technology will record the date, time, and location of the dispensing session. Learn More >

Returning Scrubs

To return scrubs, simply enter your ID number, follow the prompts on the touchpad and drop dirtied scrubs into the provided bin. The database technology will record the date, time and location of your return. Learn More >